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Brainsport Times Oct 28, 2015

As the first snowflakes of the season start to fall, we're reminded of the Winter ahead. It's enough to make most Canadians shiver at the thought, but not Saskatonians. Our Run Club (as many of you know) goes year round. It's a great opportunity to introduce newcomers to our community, and show how beautiful the Bridge City is — even for winter running! In this week's Q&A we speak with one of the first-ever members of Run Club — the fabulous Don Cochrane. Q&A with Don CochraneTara: Let's start with how you got involved with Run Club. How did you hear about it? And, what motivated you to give it a try?Don: I coached Brian for about six months when he was in grade 12. He was so successful at the Canadian Junior Trials in June, I decided to retire with an unblemished coaching record! As a result of this first collaboration, we stayed...

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Brainsport Times Oct 21, 2015

We have an exciting demonstration coming up this weekend at the store. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, physiotherapist, Brad Spokes is going to be taking runners through the paces with the first-ever running power meter called Stryd! In this week's Q&A Brad explains more about this new technology and what he has planned for this weekend.Q&A with Brad SpokesTara: Let's start with a bit of your background. Tell us about your experience as an athlete and physiotherapist.Brad: I am a physiotherapist and co-owner of ZONE Sports Physiotherapy here in Saskatoon. I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2004. Over the past 11 years I have gained continuing education certification in acupuncture, IMS and was certified as a strength and conditioning specialist. Currently my caseload as physiotherapist primarily focuses on endurance sports injuries, especially in the running population. Over the past five years my role as physiotherapist has grown and evolved into...

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Brainsport Times Oct 14, 2015

Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone! Hopefully you all had a wonderful long weekend and are ready to get back at it this week. We're excited to have Leanne Parsons, co-founder of Breath Move Be, offering Yoga For Runners classes in our Community Room this month. In this week's Q&A we talk to Leanne to learn more about what the classes are all about. Q&A with Leanne Parsons Tara: Before we get into the specifics of yoga for runners, would you mind filling us in on your background in yoga and running? Leanne: Of course, I have been practicing yoga regularly since 2007, the same year I took up running. I never thought I would be a runner and when I tried it I found I loved it. I have completed a number of 5K, 10K and half marathon races. And yoga is a wonderful counterbalance to any sport.  In fact I loved it...

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Brainsport Times Oct 7, 2015

One month from today our colleague Jamie Epp will be inducted into the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame. We did an interview with Jamie back when it was announced, but thought it would be fun to do another interview as the day approaches. Here's a bit of background on Jamie for those of you who may not know just how remarkable his accomplishments are. From 1999 to 2003 he dominated the CIS as a distance runner with the University of Saskatchewan Huskies. In cross country and track he was named a First Team All-Canadian eight times and is a nine-time Canada West All-Star. He's a three-time winner of the CIS 1500 metres, once winner of the CIS 3,000 metres and two-time Cross Country National Champion. The list of awards Jamie received along the way is lengthy. in fact, he's already in the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame as a member of...

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Brainsport Times Oct 1, 2015

We have a fun event coming up next week for anyone who's interested in hitting the trails this fall and winter. The Salomon demo tour is going to be at the store on Wednesday, October 7 with a fleet of high-performance trail shoes to try out on our city's beautiful trails! We're going to have two special trail groups at Run Club that evening. Salomon representative, Scott Friesen will be available to answer questions and get everyone set up. We caught up with Scott to get some more details about the event in this week's Q&A. Q&A with Scott Friesen Tara: You're bringing the Salomon demo tour to Brainsport next Wednesday evening. Would you tell us more about the tour? Scott: The Salomon demo tour is a grassroots program we are hosting with accounts like Brainsport to have consumers try on trail running shoes and take them out for a test...

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Brainsport Times Sept 23, 2015

Today is the first day of Fall — around here that means our next round of running clinics are getting underway! We woke the store up early on Tuesday morning to invite Global Morning News in to talk about our Learn To Run Clinics. Coach Stacey Mortenson-Spokes and Ben Rempel had a great time chatting with Global's Joelle Tomlinson. Check out Stacey's interview by clicking this link.  In this week's Q&A we catch up with Coach Ben to get his thoughts on the upcoming clinics. We also check in on his own training — he's had many adventures and logged many miles this year. Q&A with Ben Rempel Tara: The first class is fast approaching, and there are still spots available for anyone wanting to sign up. What are your words of encouragement to anyone who is hesitating?   Ben: I just want to let everyone know that nobody needs to feel intimidated by one...

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Brainsport Times Sept 16, 2015

It's been a beautiful September so far and last Saturday was no exception — we had a gorgeous day for the Broadway Street Sale. It was great to see so many people out at our new location just off Broadway, as well as all the buzz on Broadway. Our friends at New Balance were busy, busy. You may have noticed a new business, Summit Sports and Health, has moved into the location just above the New Balance store. In this week's Q&A we talk to Clinic Director, Dr. Wade Phillips, to find out more about about this new venture and what it has to offer active Saskatonians.Q&A with Dr. Wade PhillipsTara: You recently relocated to Saskatoon from Toronto to start up this business. What motivated you to move here?Wade: My wife and I are originally from Saskatoon. I lived here for 24 years before moving to Toronto for school and so Saskatoon has always been home. Family is very important...

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Brainsport Times Sept 09, 2015

The hustle and bustle of summer's end is in full swing. There's been plenty of action at the store and we're looking forward to seeing even more at our Street Sale on September 12. We're also looking forward to the start of our Learn To Run Clinics. In this week's Q&A we chat with coach Stacey Mortenson-Spokes. She has a wonderful message to share. For more information on our clinics take a look at the "Upcoming Events." There's still time to sign up! Q&A with Stacey Mortenson-Spokes Tara: Running carries with it inherent challenges, and for you, a big one has been managing Type 1 Diabetes. Would you mind telling us about when, and how, you found out you are diabetic? And how you responded? Stacey: I was a few weeks out from having completed my fourth marathon in Kelowna when I started to feel very sick. I ignored symptoms for...

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Brainsport Times Sept 02, 2015

Tonight is our All Party Marathon! If you want to get to know more about local candidates running in the upcoming federal election be sure to get out to Running and Walking Club this evening — we're getting started at 5:45. In this week's Q&A we speak with longtime Brainsport employee, and ultra-runner, Harvey Mathies. He's heading off to run 100 miles at the Lost Soul Ultramarathon in Lethbridge next weekend. Harvey is also coaching an upcoming daytime Learn To Run Clinic, so there's plenty to talk about. Q&A with Harvey Mathies Tara: Let's start with your big race coming up. Would you mind telling us about it and why you chose this race? Harvey: The race is called Lost Souls Ultramarathon and claims to be the toughest ultra on the Prairies. After running it three times I think they might be right. I can assure you that the only thing you won't lose is your...

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Brainsport Times Aug 26, 2015

Last week's sale was a great success and such an energizing week! Thanks to everyone who came out to take part. It was very cool to see so many people investing in their health and being active — "Walk, Run, Live!" In this week's Q&A we are talking about a run you may, or may not have, heard of. Either way we think you should know more about the Day of the Dead Fun Run. It's founded and organized by Lisette and her husband, Neil. They are both super passionate about it — check out my conversation with Neil. Q&A with Neil Boone Tara: For readers out there who aren't familiar with the run, what are the basics: location, distance, terrain, etc.? Neil: The run is always in the evening on November 1. The route is about a 5K loop and runners have the option of doing one or two laps. The route changes a...

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Brainsport Times Aug 19, 2015

It's hard to believe, but we're already nearing the end of August. The summer months have been flying by. It was just three months ago we were saying goodbye to our friend and colleague Ian Colvine as he and his wife headed off to retire in Cochrane, Alta. closer to their grandchildren. If you are Facebook friends with Ian you have likely been getting a look at what he's been up to — he often posts fun photos. For this week's Q&A we thought it would be nice to go beyond the social media posts and get caught up with Ian for this week's Q&A. Q&A with Ian Colvine Tara: Let's jump right into the running scene -- how is it out there? Have you found a good group of runners?   Ian: It’s been three months since I retired from Brainsport and we’ve been in Cochrane for two and a half months now. Nice community and...

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Brainsport Times Aug 11, 2015

It's time for that announcement mentioned in last week's Times! You may have already heard on the radio, or by word-of-mouth, about the "greatest sale in Brainsport history" starting on August 14. But what you likely haven't heard is our ever-so-fantastic Brainsport community (that's you!) is getting in on the savings early! This is our way of thanking you for your constant interest and support. Starting tomorrow, August 13, and going through until August 22 you'll receive 20 to 50 percent off all shoes and apparel at both Brainsport and New Balance!! There are so many cool shoes and apparel to choose from — decisions, decisions, decisions — so, to help you out we thought it would a good idea to chat with Lisette, one of our managers. She's got tons of insight on the products that come into the store and is, in general, a really fun and informative person...

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Brainsport Times Aug 5, 2015

Welcome to August everyone! Hopefully you all had a wonderful long weekend filled with short runs, long runs, family runs, and, well, just a whole lot of fun! In this week's Times we're talking to, Milly Gibbons, one of our Team Brainsport members who's been working with coach Jen Kripki. You may recall several editions back we spoke with Jen about this most recent run clinic aimed at getting people prepped for the Queen City Marathon. We thought it would be interesting to check in with a participant and learn a bit about what they've been experiencing so far. This is Milly's second time taking part in one of our Team Brainsport  clinics. Q&A with Milly Gibbons Tara: You're several weeks into the clinic with Team Brainsport. What have you learned so far? Milly: So many things! It's great to run with knowledgeable coaches and other experienced runners, as I¹ve picked...

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Brainsport Times July. 15, 2015

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the EY River Run Classic on Sunday! The SRRA put on another fantastic event — and it turned out to be a beautiful Sunday morning in the Bridge City! As we celebrate our successes we also keep in mind the northern wildfires evacuees. Last week Brainsport was approached by Red Cross volunteer and owner of Fitness 2J2, Joel Petersen, asking for running shoe donations for the fitness programs he's running for evacuees. Well, that quickly turned into a full on campaign to help get them geared up. You may have seen our posts on social media asking for ready-to-use-gear donations to be brought to the store. We've received a solid response from the community, so thought it would be nice to learn a bit more from Joel about what's been going on. Q&A with Joel Pedersen Tara: You work very closely with Aboriginal communities across the province with your business Fitness 2J2. At...

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