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Brainsport Times Dec. 21, 2016

Merry Christmas to you all, and Happy Holidays! As Christmas Day nears and many of you are still hustling around tracking down those last minute gifts, be sure to keep Brainsport in mind. Our staff is full of fantastic ideas for the runner, walker, swimmer, hiker and triathlete in your life. And, of course we are also home to a wide selection of fantastic casual footwear, from warm boots to work shoes, and a whole lot more. In this week's Q&A we're speaking with James Funk, co-director of the Brainsport Brainfreeze, about the race coming up in March. James also has a solid Christmas gift idea near the end of the interview, so stay tuned all the way through - it involve signing someone up for the race! Q&A with James Funk Tara: This is the ninth year for the Brainsport Brainfreeze, so clearly it's a successful event. What do you think...

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Brainsport Times Aug 03, 2016

Imagine running across Canada, solo and unsupported, and then turning around and running all the way back -- all in effort to raise funds for Alzheimer’s and breast cancer charities. That's exactly what Edward “Fast Eddy” Dostaler is doing on his "There and Back" journey across Canada. Eddy has reached Saskatchewan, andtonight he will be at Brainsport for a meet and greet between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. Come learn more about Eddy's journey, and even have a chance to run with him.   In this week's Q&A we're speaking with Eddy to learn more about his "There and Back" journey.  Q&A with Edward Dostaler - “Fast Eddy” Tara: When did you first start to think about the prospect of running across the country -- and back? Eddy: I started to think of it after my grandmother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I wanted to go one way and with a support vehicle, however when I learnt of a mentor's passing, who was a professor and advocate of Breast Cancer awareness,...

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Brainsport Times July 6, 2016

Brainsport's 25th Anniversay celebration is fast approaching; and there's plenty to look forward to on July 13 as the fun gets underway - you're not going to want to miss it! Bit-by-bit some details have been released about the celebration, including the Brooks Rock Your Run Contest winner announcement, ticket availability, supper location, and catering. In this week's Q&A we get even more details from Brian.    Q&A Brian Michasiw Tara: The big day is almost here! What are your thoughts as you approach this milestone of 25 years in business? Brian: It makes me reflect on how far we've come. Looking back to when we started Brainsport it's now clear to me how little we knew about business. At the time my partner Debbie Harksen was 20-years-old and I was 21. We knew how to sell shoes, but that was about it. However, it's amazing what a positive attitude and a bit of hard work can accomplish. Tara:...

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Brainsport Times Mar. 30, 2016

If you have ever thought about joining one of our Learn To Run courses, the Brainsport Running Academy is presenting an opportunity you won't want to miss — with coach Dave Stark. This course will provide an ideal environment for those who are looking to start their running journey, or maybe pick it up again after years away. Dave has a remarkable story of his own as a runner, which we'll learn more about in this week's Q&A. Q&A with Dave Stark Tara: You've been running for 34 years, and for 14 of those you've served on the Board of Directors for the Saskatoon Road Runners Association. You're very well known here in the running community, but I'm not sure people know a lot about your coaching experience. Would you mind telling us more about it? Dave: I was treated for prostate cancer nearly five years ago. As soon as possible...

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Brainsport Times Mar. 23, 2016

Runners of all levels, another opportunity to meet and run with others is coming to the city! On April 14 New Balance Saskatoon is launching NB Run Crew. This group will provide a relaxed, inclusive environment for everyone to come out and enjoy a run together. If you're already a regular Brainsport Run Club goer this may be a nice addition to your weekly routine. If you've never been to a running group before Run Crew is another great way to get started!In this week's Q&A we're talking to one of its co-leaders, Madison Heise, to learn more.Q&A with Madison HeiseTara: Let's start by learning more about you and co-leader of Run Crew, Saija Shearer. You are business partners at Black Dove Healthy Eats, and running partners too — would you mind telling us more about your background?Madison: Saija and I are best friends, we are not business partners. We met through Thrive...

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