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Brainsport Times Nov. 2, 2016

Welcome to November everyone! Hopefully the forecast holds and the start to this month offers a little warmth. As we get deeper into the fall and winter seasons warm gear is going to become critical to keeping you out there and enjoying yourself on a run, walk, bike, jog, hike - whatever takes you outdoors!  In this week's Q&A we're speaking with Craft Sportswear representative, Mike Cavaliere. He's going to fill us in on this fabulous brand that's new to Brainsport this season.  Q&A with Mike Cavaliere Tara: Craft Sportswear is making its debut at Brainsport this year, which means it's the first time a lot of customers will be seeing Craft’s line of clothing. For those not familiar with the company, would you mind giving us the rundown? Mike: Craft is a clothing company based in Sweden and has been in operation since 1977, making it a brand that has...

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