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Brainsport Times June 14, 2017

First off, thank you to everyone who took part in the Mimosa Run over the weekend! Your support will go a long way in helping out the Lasers' Para Swim Program. What a fun event, and such a fabulous turnout - we hope you all enjoyed your special drinks!  This week we're keeping the focus on children with a closer look at the Brainsport Kids of Steel Triathlon. This event has been growing in popularity, yet is still unknown to many who would likely be excited to take part or volunteer. So, to learn more we're speaking with the event's volunteer coordinator, Michelle Lefranc, in this week's Q&A. Q&A with Michelle Lefranc Tara: The Kids of Steel Triathlon is a unique event in that it's aimed at providing a positive experience for young people wanting to be involved with the sport. How is this event organized to ensure it's attractive for children? Michelle: The...June14 17 1
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Brainsport Times May 17, 2017

Brainsport has announced a new fun run is coming to the city this summer! The Mimosa Run will be held on June 11 in support of the Lasers Swim Club Para Swim Program. This event means a great deal to Brainsport's founder/owner Brian Michasiw, who's daughter Harriet has a rare genetic condition called Congenital Hyperinsulinism. Damage done to Harriet's nervous system as a result of the condition means she does a physical activity a bit differently than other children - which makes her a great fit for the Lasers Swim Club Para Swim Program. Having witnessed the positive impact the program has had on his daughter and other children, Brian felt it was a great idea to get involved in supporting the program with a fun run. In this week's Q&A we're speaking with Laurel Scherr and Rochelle Anthony who started the Lasers Swim Club Para Swim Program four years ago; and who are now also co-directors of the...May16 17 1
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