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Brainsport Times Sept. 27, 2017

It's another exciting week on the Q&A front as we're set for an interview with the winner of the Headlands 100 Miler Endurance Race - Theresa Reid!  Last week we spoke with local runner Jen Kripki, who won the 2017 Queen City Marathon; and now this week we're fortunate to have Theresa Reid-Shea on board. She won the Headlands 100 Miler Endurance race two weekends ago in Sausalito, California! Theresa is likely a familiar face to many of you, as she's one of the pillars of the Brainsport Run Club. Time to hear what Theresa has to say about her big win! Q&A with Theresa Reid-Shea Tara: The Headlands 100 Mile Endurance Race draws in some of the top ultramarathoners from around the world. Leading into the race did you feel like you had it in you to win? Theresa: Did I have it in me to win? Wow, that's a big question! I will...

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