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Brainsport Times Oct. 04, 2017

We're thrilled to be partnering with New Balance Canada to help out Child of the Cross Running Clinics. New Balance will be donating one brand new pair of running shoes to the program - which was founded by Brainsport Running Academy coach, Tarrant Cross Child - for every one pair of New Balance shoes bought at Brainsport through the end of this month!  These shoes will go to the kids Tarrant and his team work with through the Child of the Cross Running Clinics; and are sure to bring a smile and many, many miles into the lives of these children. To learn more about this initiative, and about Child of the Cross Running Clinics, we're speaking with Tarrant in this week's Q&A. Before we get to our conversation if you're interested in learning more about Tarrant's inspiring story of how running has helped him through his recovery from alcohol and gambling addiction,...Oct4 17 1
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