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Brainsport Times Aug 16, 2017

Before we know it we're all going to be settling into our fall routines. Some of you may be interested or know someone interested, in adding some more running into this year's routine, and we may just be able to help out with that!The Brainsport Running Academy is offering a Learn to Run course perfect for those looking to challenge themselves, learn a lot, and have fun with other people also new to running. Our upcoming Learn to Run course is being coached by Brainsport's Kim Galus - Kim has a ton to offer, and great energy to bring to newcomers.In this week's Q&A we're speaking with Kim to learn more about her background and what her hopes are for the participants of the Learn to Run course.Kim GalusTara: Let's start by learning more about you, as a runner. What kind of experiences are you bringing to participants of this upcoming Learn to Run course?Kim: Most of...Aug16 17 2
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