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Brainsport Times June 7, 2017

Happy Global Running Day everyone!  This evening we're excited to be helping Brooks launch its Big Endorsement campaign, which we'll learn more about in this week's Q&A. To get in on the action come a little early to Run Club (5:45 p.m.) and stay a little later. Now, let's jump right into our conversation with Brooks Retail Marketing Manager, Lilian Yamasaki to learn more! Q&A with Lilian Tara: The Big Endorsement campaign invites runners of all levels to sign a contract with Brooks. Would you explain more about with this means for runners, and more details of this exciting campaign?Lilian: This is a campaign that is inclusive. We want to send a message that this sport is not just about celebrities and fast runners (even though Hugh Jackman and Nick Simmonds wear our products), it’s about every single runner: fast, slow, 800m, 5K, marathoners, trail, road, male, female, running for a cause, no cause, you name...June7 17 1
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