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Brainsport Times Aug 9, 2017

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed the long weekend and is now staying safe through the stormy weather! In this week's Times, we're shifting gears a bit to hear from longtime Brainsport employee Colin Federow. Colin recently wrote about an experience he had fitting a man with a pair of gently-used shoes that very much represents the spirit of the Brainsport Shoe Donation Program and Brainsport as a whole.  So, in lieu of a Q&A this week we thought it would fitting to share Colin's piece of writing, which he originally posted on Facebook. So, let's get to it! A "fitting" reflection: by Colin Federow  Have you ever wondered if the shoes you donate at Brainsport are put to good use?I had a gentleman come into the store today. At first glance, he was not the typical customer, but I went over and asked him if he needed a hand. In a very timid voice, he explained...Aug2 17 1
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