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A few facts and figures never hurt the internet is full of them. Being a website about Saskatoon we will only post facts relevant to Saskatoon. 

Maybe you need to settle that ongoing debate at Buds on Broadway, over when and where the first Mcdonald's was build, or who the biggest employer in saskatoon is.
Big or small these facts may come in handy but by no means can we guarantee their accuracy.
We will post all the reference used to arrive at the fact in question but can not guarantee its accuracy. (don't shoot the messenger)
Should you know of a better reference source of please let us know. In fact, if you know something we don't let us know.
We will post it if you can provide a reference posted currently. 
"Saskatoon" the name finds it's origins from the local berries found along the river that flows through the city.  #1
 Saskatoon has many nicknames including 
  • "The Bridge City" #2
  • "Hub City" #2
  • "Paris of the Prairies" #2
  • "POW City", for its resources in potash, oil and wheat #2
  • "Saskabush" #2
  • "Toontown" #2


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